Enterprise mobility is transformational.

It is not just about a particular mobile device, screen size, operating system or online application store.  It is a new way of conducting business that demands your attention.  Companies will succeed or fail based in large part on their ability to respond to this reality.

Many business models are increasingly built around a strong cadre of knowledge workers who are frequently mobile sometimes predominantly so.  Make them more productive, and they deliver more value to customers, partners and their co-workers.

  • What can be done differently in your business if you have real-time visibility to the status and location of your workforce and all of your resources, assets, inventories, supplies, and customer needs?
  • How can you improve your business performance by using real-time data in the field to drive better and faster decision-making?
  • How can you beat your competition and improve your business performance by developing real-time unified views of your operation?
  • What is possible if you have complete situational awareness because you have implemented a network centric operational strategy that provides full visibility and maximizes your ability to make good and fast decisions from anywhere?


The answers to these questions will dictate your company’s future.

AppsTech has been helping making businesses mobile since 2000 when we introduced MobileAppsTech, our mobile development platform.

With MobileAppsTech, we can build and extend enterprise applications for iOS and Android from a single code base. Based on a hybrid mobile architecture, MobileAppsTech supports access to native device services, enables offline applications and protects enterprise investments from future technology shifts

MobileAppsTech leverages Oracle’s Oracle’s ADF mobile development platform.